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At hr2go Consultancy we recognise the impact of you understanding the current and future capability needs of your employees on your company and the importance of driving engagement through ongoing professional development. By embedding and creating a learning culture, performance levels of your employees, both individually and in teams, will improve.  
For the benefit of both employers and employee’s, and in order for all stakeholders to be successful in achieving its strategic aim, an L&D strategy should be mapped out and executed. 
hr2go Consultancy can help build an effective and results focused L&D strategy. This L&D strategy will typically include the following: 
Talent Management – One of the keys to your company’s success is in its leadership and workforce.  To help your company on the road to success, a strategic and well-planned talent management programme should be created to maximise potential. 
Performance Management – Make sure that your employees’ objectives are parallel and working in synergy with your overall company objectives.  This can be done holistically through performance measurement and performance management activities. 
Performance Development Plans – Enjoying the lifelong success and accomplishments of your business means also supporting the successes and accomplishments of your workforce and understanding their ongoing development needs.  We can assist your managers in creating and drafting performance development plans, which are highly efficient in identifying the skills and attitudes needed to be improved upon by your employees. 
Inductions – The induction process includes various forms of training when welcoming your new employees onboard. The process should include an introduction to the performance appraisal systems the company currently has in place. 
Line Manager Training – A key element of a people-driven strategy involves upskilling your team members, in particular your business line managers.   hr2go Consultancy can provide tools and resources that can help you improve the quality of work carried out by team members. 
Competency Frameworks – Structured and flexible, competency frameworks can help you as an employer identify and define what knowledge, skills and attributes are specifically required from the members of your workforce. 
Coaching –  Coaching is not only specific and individualised, but progressive, personal, and varied – depending on the requirement focus area of the employee, manager or team. 
Training Courses – Training programs are a well known method of encouraging and introducing learning and development to your workforce.  These training programs can be trainer-centered or trainee-centered, depending on the goals you wish to achieve for your business. 
In each aspect of your learning and development (L&D) strategy, I will be able to assist you as in continuing to provide quality and tailor-fit HR services for your business. 
hr2go Consultancy offers a thirty-minute consultation, for free. Contact me now at 07779 508972. 
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