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At hr2go Consultancy, we will be able to provide your business with the necessary practical advice, support, and collaborative assistance to make sure that your company creates, maintains, and grows a positive and profitable relationship with your employees. 
Through various aspects of Employee Relations (ER) I can help you with the following essential matters: 
Creation of a respectful and trustworthy foundation of relationship between you, the employer, and your employees 
Construction of a physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy work environment for your employees 
Cultivation of employee-to-employee and/or employee-to-employer relationships through conflict resolution and management 
To achieve this, be assured that I will guide all aspects of your Company’s employment life-cycle and Employee Relations, such as: 
Management of the Recruitment Processes – hr2go Consultancy will make sure that the very beginning of your company’s contract with an employee is also the very start of a flourishing relationship under your organisation’s care. 
Administration and Guidance for Onboarding of New Hires – The onboarding of new hires is also a great channel in establishing positive employee relations. hr2go Consultancy is confident that we can assist your business from initial paperwork through to ongoing personnel development. 
Creation of Activities for Employee Engagement – From time to time, the level of engagement and interest of your employees must be measured and checked. This could include Stay Interviews and Employee Engagement Surveys. This helps to assess current organisational productivity. I can collaborate with your company’s management team to make this possible. 
Suggestions for Forward-looking and dynamic Organisational Structures – In this ever-changing world, which specific organisational designs and structures work efficiently and optimally for your company? At hr2go Consultancy we can help you seek out and identify those opportunities. 
Conflict Resolutions and Grievance Investigations – hr2go Consultancy follows best practice and will be able to advise you on the correct process to follow when it comes to the investigation, mediation and resolution of incidents regarding conflictive employees to avoid issues escalating and to ensure any decisions are fair, objective and legally compliant. 
Guidance for Disciplinary Policies and Sanctions – Whether your company has a performance, capability or conduct issue, or an underlying problem with employee work habits, hr2go Consultancy is equipped with both the experience and the qualifications to assist you in creating and implementing disciplinary policies, advising on the correct process to follow and the relevant sanctions in accordance with them, to ensure the decisions reached are fair and legally compliant to avoid claims of discrimination or unfair dismissal. 
Performance and Talent Management – To drive personal and business success, it is important that your business provides its employees career development paths inside the company which are aligned to its strategic goals. This helps to open and encourage avenues for development and progression, with a clear understanding of what is expected. 
Sickness and Absence Management - hr2go Consultancy can support your business with a proactive approach to health and sickness absence management to ensure any issues are dealt with fairly and consistently. This could include supporting with policies and procedures, Long and Short Term absences, Capability cases, Covid absence, Occupational Health and Mental Health absence. hr2go Consultancy are able to go beyond the basics and offer a holistic approach to Health and Wellbeing with expertise in Mental Wellbeing and Resilience and Suicide Prevention. 
End of Employment and Exit Interviews – Until the end of the working relationship with your employees, hr2go Consultancy can assist your company with the handling of resignations, end of employment discussions including dismissals, and the process of retirement. 
For every aspect of Employee Relations, I can assist you by providing quality and tailored HR services for your business. 
I offer a thirty-minute consultation, for free. Contact me now on 07779 508972. 
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