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hr2go Consultancy can assist you in your company’s resource and talent planning operations. 
In today’s workforce, the markets and the economy are inarguably talent-based – placing the workforce as the most essential asset of all companies. 
Workforce planning is a significant function you must investigate and address for your business. 

Strategising Employee Recruitment 

Make sure that you know the needed skills you’re looking for in the employee you’re seeking. At hr2go Consultancy I can help you in being very precise and clear whilst undertaking your resource and talent search. 

Conducting Hiring Processes  

From search postings, interviews, and actual hiring, hr2go Consultancy will be able to assist you in the pre-screening and post-screening of your candidates. Be assured that these steps will be thorough and specific. 

Planning Succession Roles  

Knowing possible future leaders in the company must be planned. You must be ready to have best equipped employees who are ready to assume key roles in your organisation when the positions become available, for whatever reason. 
Psychometric Profiling 
hr2go Consultancy will also be able to assist you in conducting psychometric profiling or testing. Psychometric Profiling is an assessment tool utilised in the hiring process for the following reasons: 
To pool in and select candidates and employees for development of team collaboration and communication 
To guide the workforce in terms of career path, interests, and values 
To assess suitability of candidates and/or employees when it comes to promotion or further advancement 
To identify aspects needing training and focus 
To better facilitate coaching in strengths and weaknesses evaluation of business employees 
At hr2go Consultancy I am able to offer you testing, role profiling and have access to questionnaires that I use to interpret and validate information. Psychometric tests give an insight into the factors that influence a person’s performance in the workplace and can help identify personality traits which could be used to help determine behavioural styles at work. 
These tests can be a useful tool, for example, when assessing suitability for promotion and potential job performance, interviewing externally, staff development, coaching and team building. hr2go Consultancy can support your business in understanding whether this approach fits the purpose and needs of your business as well as identifying the right tests to use. 
hr2go Consultancy offers a thirty-minute consultation, for free. Contact me now on 07779 508972. 
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