With my knowledge and expertise, I can assist your business with it’s People Management services.  
These services vary from Contracts of Employment, Employee Handbooks, Policies and Procedures, data protection and GDPR compliance and whatever solution you’re looking for; I can tailor my services to meet your business requirements. A good, effective process and system for an organisation’s people management is key for optimal productivity in the workplace and of course, professional growth. 
hr2go Consultancy can support with a number of key initiatives and work situations within your business which could include: 
Managing the deadlines – For client requirements and other relevant business requisites, beating deadlines does not necessarily sound pleasant to the ears. These deadlines should be properly managed instead – together with the people working with you to achieve them. 
Honing the company identity and company culture – An ideal, flawless organisation is productively growing and positive at the same time. This can be achieved with a solid company identity and healthy company culture. 
Interpersonal conflict resolutions – Collaborating with varied individuals can lead to varied opinions that sometimes lead to conflict. I can assist you through the know-hows of mediating these conflicts and resolving them without losing respect and regard from members of your workforce. 
What are the examples of a few People Management Strategies that can be utilised for your company? 

Career Coaching and Skills Training 

All employees can become the best and the most top-performing ones, especially when managed and handled correctly. Just like you wish your business to improve in the long run, a long-term career in your company must also be displayed and investment into your employees is required. With proper skill identification and balancing among your employees, hr2go Consultancy will be able to support you in correctly addressing these skills – those they do great at, and those they lack. 

Feedback Strategies 

Just like every successful project, feedback is king when it comes to guiding you towards your next business move. This can be often overlooked and forgotten, because of the results-oriented requirements of any industry. However, the next business improvement or innovation can be sitting just right around the corner, inside your employee’s mind! Soliciting feedback from your employees through surveys is active listening, an important aspect of managing them – in this way, they know they are heard and valued – and at the same time, highly useful when projecting the next direction to which your business will steer towards. 

Appreciation and Reward Incentives 

As your company grows, it’s always a good time to take your workforce in growing with you. Milestones are meant to be celebrated. And just like the framed achievements that are on the office walls, it’s best to also appreciate and reward your top performing partners. Aside from soliciting feedback, employee appreciation is a method to help retain workforce interest and encourage improvement. What you do can inspire them to do better – for themselves, and for your company as well. 

Personal Life Recognition 

The changing, volatile state of the world today is blurring the distinction between work life and personal life. This can become very messy, especially in mental and emotional aspects of your workforce. It is important to remind the people that you collaborate with that they have a life outside your organisation. 
In each aspect of your People Management, hr2go Consultancy will be able to assist you as it continues to provide quality and tailored HR services for your business, whether a start-up, or an established company. 
hr2go Consultancy offers a thirty-minute consultation, for free. Contact me now on 07779 508972. 
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